Which option is the best one for your company?

There is an age-old debate on the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) versus Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Which is the better option? Which will allow greater internet presence and visibility? Which will generate more foot traffic? This debate is ongoing because marketers still struggle with whether or not these tools work in conjunction with one another or not. One of the first steps to settling this debate is identifying your situation, your objectives, the industry you’re in, and the audience you’re targeting. 


To better understand the battle at hand, you must first understand the differences between SEO and PPC. One of the main differences between the two is that when you are using PPC, you are guaranteed above-the-fold content at the top of the page. This content will appear above the organic listings created and influenced by SEO. Initially, this seems to be the better option between the two, it is important to consider that SEO traffic is free whereas PPC traffic has a cost associated with each click.  

The debate over the budget and the best way to spend it has marketers fighting opposing battles between SEO and PPC. Interestingly enough, if you dive deeper into the topic you will find that SEO and PPC are most effective when used jointly. This allows business owners to maximize marketing strategy with the freedom of using both options.  

As a business owner, marketing is the meat and potatoes of any successful company. One of the most vital parts of marketing is to get the most bang for your buck. Using both of these excellent tools will assist you in your goal of bringing in as many future consumers as you can without breaking the bank. 

Maximizing Your Online Visibility with SEO and PPC

Increasing PPC spending once organic listing reaches the top three listing results is a strategy that will help all search avenues work collaboratively. Efficiency is what we are striving for in a perfect marketing world, but we also want to ensure continued forward motion when the results just begin to pour in. In order to gain the most synergy and support, it is highly recommended to supplement SEO results with PPC. Paid ads are now sweeping over above-the-fold search results because of the combination of expanded texts ads and paid ads with competitive keywords. While paid ads are dominating in other domains, they still rank higher with mobiles.  

The Benefits of Utilizing SEO and PPC Collaboratively 

How exactly can this strategy truly streamline my marketing approach? Feeding keyword and conversation data from PPC into SEO is one major advantage. By targeting clicks in PPC and SEO with high-performing keywords, you can increase the total volume of internet traffic. This means your marketing has just become more efficient in one easy step. Additionally, buying valuable keywords at a higher cost means value to your business by way of increased site traffic. Finally, this strategy allows for increased confidence in the consumer by offering the best of both worlds – strong organic SEO and paid visibility per click.  


Interestingly enough, this approach has already been adopted by many businesses. It is advisable for you to ditch the long, drawn-out debate on which is better and identify a strategy to use SEO and PPC collaboratively. This high-growth and aggressive marketing technique is an excellent method to increase foot traffic and in turn, increase sales and the bottom line.

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